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Data Fields
zathura_page_widget_private_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

zathura_page_t * page
zathura_t * zathura
cairo_surface_t * surface
ZathuraRenderRequest * render_request
bool cached
struct {
   girara_list_t *   list
   bool   retrieved
   bool   draw
   unsigned int   offset
   unsigned int   n
struct {
   girara_list_t *   list
   int   current
   bool   draw
struct {
   girara_list_t *   list
   bool   retrieved
   zathura_image_t *   current
struct {
   zathura_rectangle_t   selection
   struct {
      int   x
      int   y
   }   selection_basepoint

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file page-widget.c.

Field Documentation

bool zathura_page_widget_private_t::cached

Cached state

Definition at line 26 of file page-widget.c.

int zathura_page_widget_private_t::current

The index of the current search result

Definition at line 38 of file page-widget.c.

zathura_image_t* zathura_page_widget_private_t::current

Image data of selected image

Definition at line 45 of file page-widget.c.

bool zathura_page_widget_private_t::draw

True if links should be drawn

Draw search results

Definition at line 31 of file page-widget.c.

struct { ... } zathura_page_widget_private_t::images
struct { ... } zathura_page_widget_private_t::links
girara_list_t* zathura_page_widget_private_t::list

List of links on the page

A list if there are search results that should be drawn

List of images on the page

Definition at line 29 of file page-widget.c.

struct { ... } zathura_page_widget_private_t::mouse
unsigned int zathura_page_widget_private_t::n


Definition at line 33 of file page-widget.c.

unsigned int zathura_page_widget_private_t::offset

Offset to the links

Definition at line 32 of file page-widget.c.

zathura_page_t* zathura_page_widget_private_t::page

Page object

Definition at line 22 of file page-widget.c.

ZathuraRenderRequest* zathura_page_widget_private_t::render_request

Definition at line 25 of file page-widget.c.

bool zathura_page_widget_private_t::retrieved

True if we already tried to retrieve the list of links

True if we already tried to retrieve the list of images

Definition at line 30 of file page-widget.c.

struct { ... } zathura_page_widget_private_t::search
zathura_rectangle_t zathura_page_widget_private_t::selection

Region selected with the mouse

Definition at line 49 of file page-widget.c.

struct { ... } zathura_page_widget_private_t::selection_basepoint
cairo_surface_t* zathura_page_widget_private_t::surface

Cairo surface

Definition at line 24 of file page-widget.c.

int zathura_page_widget_private_t::x

X coordinate

Definition at line 51 of file page-widget.c.

int zathura_page_widget_private_t::y

Y coordinate

Definition at line 52 of file page-widget.c.

zathura_t* zathura_page_widget_private_t::zathura

Zathura object

Definition at line 23 of file page-widget.c.

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