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Data Fields
zathura_t Struct Reference

#include <zathura.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   girara_session_t *   session
   struct {
      girara_statusbar_item_t *   buffer
      girara_statusbar_item_t *   file
      girara_statusbar_item_t *   page_number
   }   statusbar
   struct {
      GdkRGBA   highlight_color
      GdkRGBA   highlight_color_active
      GdkRGBA   render_loading_bg
      GdkRGBA   render_loading_fg
   }   colors
   GtkWidget *   page_widget_alignment
   GtkWidget *   page_widget
   GtkWidget *   index
struct {
   ZathuraRenderer *   render_thread
struct {
   void *   manager
struct {
   gchar *   config_dir
   gchar *   data_dir
struct {
   bool   enabled
   gchar *   editor
struct {
   GtkPrintSettings *   settings
   GtkPageSetup *   page_setup
struct {
   int   search_direction
   girara_list_t *   marks
   char **   arguments
struct {
   girara_mode_t   normal
   girara_mode_t   fullscreen
   girara_mode_t   index
   girara_mode_t   insert
   girara_mode_t   presentation
struct {
   gchar *   file
   girara_list_t *   bookmarks
struct {
   girara_list_t *   list
   girara_list_iterator_t *   cur
   unsigned int   size
   unsigned int   max_size
struct {
   guint   refresh_view
struct {
   gchar *   file
zathura_document_t * document
GtkWidget ** pages
ZathuraDbus * dbus
struct {
   GFileMonitor *   monitor
   GFile *   file
   gchar *   file_path
   gchar *   password
struct {
   unsigned int   last_jump
   unsigned int   start
   unsigned int   end

Detailed Description


Definition at line 90 of file zathura.h.

Field Documentation

char** zathura_t::arguments

Definition at line 148 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::bisect

Bisect stage

girara_list_t* zathura_t::bookmarks


Definition at line 163 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::bookmarks
girara_statusbar_item_t* zathura_t::buffer

buffer statusbar entry

Definition at line 98 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::colors
struct { ... } zathura_t::config
gchar* zathura_t::config_dir

Path to the configuration directory

Definition at line 128 of file zathura.h.

girara_list_iterator_t* zathura_t::cur

Definition at line 169 of file zathura.h.

gchar* zathura_t::data_dir

Path to the data directory

Definition at line 129 of file zathura.h.

zathura_database_t* zathura_t::database

The database

Definition at line 186 of file zathura.h.

ZathuraDbus* zathura_t::dbus

D-Bus service

Definition at line 187 of file zathura.h.

zathura_document_t* zathura_t::document

The current document

Definition at line 184 of file zathura.h.

gchar* zathura_t::editor

Definition at line 135 of file zathura.h.

bool zathura_t::enabled

Definition at line 134 of file zathura.h.

unsigned int zathura_t::end

Bisection range - end

Definition at line 205 of file zathura.h.

girara_statusbar_item_t* zathura_t::file

file statusbar entry

Definition at line 99 of file zathura.h.

gchar* zathura_t::file

bookmarks file

Definition at line 162 of file zathura.h.

GFile* zathura_t::file

File for file monitor

Definition at line 194 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::file_monitor

File monitor

gchar* zathura_t::file_path

Save file path

Definition at line 195 of file zathura.h.

girara_mode_t zathura_t::fullscreen

Fullscreen mode

Definition at line 154 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::global
GdkRGBA zathura_t::highlight_color

Color for highlighting

Definition at line 105 of file zathura.h.

GdkRGBA zathura_t::highlight_color_active

Definition at line 106 of file zathura.h.

GtkWidget* zathura_t::index

Widget to show the index of the document

Definition at line 113 of file zathura.h.

girara_mode_t zathura_t::index

Index mode

Definition at line 155 of file zathura.h.

girara_mode_t zathura_t::insert

Insert mode

Definition at line 156 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::jumplist
unsigned int zathura_t::last_jump

Page jumped to by bisect

Definition at line 203 of file zathura.h.

girara_list_t* zathura_t::list

Definition at line 168 of file zathura.h.

void* zathura_t::manager

Plugin manager

Definition at line 123 of file zathura.h.

girara_list_t* zathura_t::marks


Definition at line 147 of file zathura.h.

unsigned int zathura_t::max_size

Definition at line 171 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::modes
GFileMonitor* zathura_t::monitor

File monitor

Definition at line 193 of file zathura.h.

girara_mode_t zathura_t::normal

Normal mode

Definition at line 153 of file zathura.h.

girara_statusbar_item_t* zathura_t::page_number

page number statusbar entry

Definition at line 100 of file zathura.h.

GtkPageSetup* zathura_t::page_setup

Saved page setup

Definition at line 141 of file zathura.h.

GtkWidget* zathura_t::page_widget

Widget that contains all rendered pages

Definition at line 112 of file zathura.h.

GtkWidget* zathura_t::page_widget_alignment

Definition at line 111 of file zathura.h.

GtkWidget** zathura_t::pages

The page widgets

Definition at line 185 of file zathura.h.

gchar* zathura_t::password

Save password

Definition at line 196 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::plugins
girara_mode_t zathura_t::presentation

Presentation mode

Definition at line 157 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::print
guint zathura_t::refresh_view

Definition at line 176 of file zathura.h.

GdkRGBA zathura_t::render_loading_bg

Color for highlighting Background color for render "Loading..."

Definition at line 107 of file zathura.h.

GdkRGBA zathura_t::render_loading_fg

Foreground color for render "Loading..."

Definition at line 108 of file zathura.h.

ZathuraRenderer* zathura_t::render_thread

The thread responsible for rendering the pages

Definition at line 118 of file zathura.h.

int zathura_t::search_direction

Current search direction (FORWARD or BACKWARD)

Definition at line 146 of file zathura.h.

girara_session_t* zathura_t::session

girara interface session

Definition at line 94 of file zathura.h.

GtkPrintSettings* zathura_t::settings

Print settings

Definition at line 140 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::signals
unsigned int zathura_t::size

Definition at line 170 of file zathura.h.

unsigned int zathura_t::start

Bisection range - start

Definition at line 204 of file zathura.h.

struct { ... } zathura_t::statusbar
struct { ... } zathura_t::stdin_support
struct { ... } zathura_t::sync
struct { ... } zathura_t::synctex
struct { ... } zathura_t::ui

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