Who we are

pwmt.org – programs with movie titles – is a community developing functional open source applications and libraries that mainly focus on simplistic and space saving user interfaces and key board interaction.

Open Source

All of our projects are free and open source software and we are going to keep it that way!

Clean Code

We try to keep our code as documented and tested as possible, so that everyone easily can understand and extend it.


We are people too. So if you have any questions or ideas don't be afraid to get in touch!

Our Team

Moritz Lipp mlq

Moritz studies computer science at Graz University of Technology and is the founder of pwmt. He loves photography, spending time in the kitchen to cook and bake and to build things.

Sebastian Ramacher sebastinas

Sebastian studies mathematics at the University of Graz and computer science at the Graz University of Technology. Besides developing quality code for pwmt he is a Debian developer and a coffee enthusiast.