zathura a document viewer

zathura is a highly customizable and functional document viewer. It provides a minimalistic and space saving interface as well as an easy usage that mainly focuses on keyboard interaction.

## Main features

Choose your supported file formats

You only want to view PDF documents? How about PostScript or DjVu? All together? zathura now uses a plugin based system for supported document types which makes it possible for you to choose which file formats you want your version of zathura to support. This also makes it possible to use different backends for the same document type: For instance we provide a plugin for PDF documents using either the poppler or the mupdf library.

Multiple file formats

LaTeX support

Mouse-free navigation

zathura makes it possible to completely view and navigate through different documents without using a mouse. Functions to scroll or zoom are mapped to certain keys as well as the possibility to follow or open links that are shown in the document. By simply pressing the "f" key on your keyboard, zathura highlights all links shown on the current screen. By typing one of the shown numbers you can easily follow links to chapters or open them with your favourite web browser. But of course... you still can use the mouse as well.

SyncTeX support

The Synchronization TeXnology named SyncTeX is a new feature allows to synchronize between input and output, which means to navigate from the source document to the typeset material and vice versa. zathura supports that feature in both directions and makes writing LaTeX documents even more fun!

SyncTeX support


Quickmarks and bookmarks

Whenever you want to find a certain page of the document later on you can use bookmarks which are saved by using the command ":bmark". You can easily move to your saved bookmarks with the ":blist" command or delete them with ":bdelete". Or you can simply use quickmarks. A quickmark is simply a page assigned to a letter or number and can therefore saved or opened with only two key presses. To create a new quickmark just type "m" followed by a letter or number. To view a saved quickmark just use "'" and then the previously used letter or number.

Automatic document reloading

Whenever the file that you are currently looking at changes (e.g.: you are working heavily on a LaTeX document and you compile it to view the changes), zathura automatically detects that and reloads the document without any hesitation.

LaTeX support

Lego bricks

Easily customizable!

You are not happy with the shortcuts we are providing? You don't like the colors? No problem and no worries. Almost everything in zathura is easily customizable with a configuration file. If you want to learn more, checkout the documentation

... and many more!

In addition to the above features zathura is capable of exporting images and attachments, opening encrypted documents and printing them. You can search through the document or browse its index or checkout the document meta information. We offer an optional sqlite database backend and we support the tabbed tool.



The latest version of zathura is 0.5.6.

If you are searching for older verions of zathura follow this link.

Source code

If you are interested in the source code you can either browse it online or clone the repository:

git clone