jumanji a web browser


jumanji depends on several external libraries, girara, our simplistic user interface library and GTK+, a cross-platform widget toolkit and webkitgtk, the web rendering engine for GTK+.

  • girara, our simplistic user interface library
  • GTK+, a cross-platform widget toolkit
  • webkitgtk, a web rendering engine for GTK+
  • libsoup, a http client/server library

## Stable version No official version of jumanji has been released yet.

## Developer version If you are interested to use the current version of jumanji you need to pull the source from our git repository and build it by hand::

 $ git clone https://git.pwmt.org/pwmt/jumanji.git
 $ make
 $ make install

## Developer version (based on girara) If you are interested in testing the very latest versions with all its new features, that we are working on, type in the following commands. At first you have to install the latest version of girara::

 $ git clone https://git.pwmt.org/pwmt/girara.git
 $ cd girara
 $ make GIRARA_GTK_VERSION=3 install

Right now it is also possible to use the GTK2 version of girara with the jumanji code. If you want to use that you have to update the config.mk file accordingly.

After the successful installation of the user interface library, grab the latest version of jumanji and install it::

 $ git clone https://git.pwmt.org/pwmt/jumanji.git
 $ cd jumanji
 $ git checkout --track -b develop origin/develop
 $ make
 $ make install