jumanji a web browser

General settings

This section describes settings concerning the behaviour of jumanji


Defines if the proxy should be set while initializing jumanji

  • Value-type: Boolean
  • Default value: True


Defines if the jumanji window should be closed when the last tab has been closed

  • Value-type: Boolean
  • Default value: True


The default download command that gets executed whenever a file should be downloaded

  • Value-type: String
  • Default value: -


The default download directory

  • Value-type: String
  • Default value: ~/dl


The page padding defines the home page that is loaded by default

  • Value-type: String
  • Default value: http://pwmt.org


Defines the amount of pixels that are scrolled on each step:

  • Value-type: Integer
  • Default value: 40


Defines the amount of percent that is zoomed in or out on each comand.

  • Value-type: Integer
  • Default value: 10

Girara settings

Most of the options affecting the appearance of jumanji are derived from the options that are offered by our user interface library called girara and can be found in its documentation. Those values can also be set via the jumanjirc file.